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Tondo o la Quadratura del Cercle




110 cm in diameter


Oil on wood



This work has been exhibited at the Municipal Exhibition Halls of Girona in an exhibition curated by Carme Sais. It consists of ten portraits of women with a child in their arms on a round support (tondo). The ten women in the portraits are women that are close to me and only one of them is the mother of the child used as a model for all the tondos. All the women in the portraits share the fact that they are not mothers, including myself, except for the real mother who appears depicted in one of the ten tondos. The execution of the painting hinged on a photography session where each mock Madonna held the child as she saw fit with no directions from me. I made their portrait with the exact poses they decided on. The portraits are in grisaille, black and white, using a black saturated with blue that reminds us of printer’s ink; this is not the verisimilar black of the Baroque chiaroscuro. In manufacture there was no recreation in the sensuality of the painting, but quite the contrary.



Thanks to the following women: Anna Bes, Irene Van Der Mheen, Tanja Smit, Pilar Burguet, Marta Domínguez, Sònia Buxó, Mónica Buxó, Glòria Giménez, Montse Romaní.